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"We, as citizens, were never meant to be regarded as government property. We did not enlist to fight for a superior body, but for the safeguard and welfare of our nation and our people!"
― Col. Adam McAvaney

The Unified Front, commonly referred to as the Militia, are a coalition of armed movements and defectors from the general public and the American military during the Anarchy of America. The militia, which opposes the oppressive Machenzie Regime, aims to assist the Consortium of Reforming Government Bodies (CRGB) in cleansing the violently corrupt government.

Following the Slate Incident and the public execution of the High Six, the use of guerrilla-like tactics against the loyalist forces were employed; sabotaging key locations and taking hostages in dire circumstances.

Notable Events[]

The Crimson Incident (WIP)[]

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Units of the DRAF were forced to engage militia forces during the opening stages of the campaign, occurred due to the fact that the United Nations, having authority over the coalition forces involved, had an obligation to protect the officially recognized government; the Anti-Reform Government Body under the President.

Slate Incident[]

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Fall of the High Six[]

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