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The Tokushi Islands are an archipelago located at the eastern end of the Kaicho mainland, and includes the islands of Tokushi, Karata, and Iwahashi. The archipelago is administered as part of the Kaicho region, Daresia.


  • Tokushi Island (Tokushi-jima)
  • Karata Island (Karata-jima)
  • Iwahashi Island (Iwahashi-jima)


Landfall Period[]


World War II[]

Tokushi Port

Tokushi Port, circa 1941.

The Tokushi Islands were considered the most important of the island garrisons built along the western shores of the islands prior to World War II, which was constructed between 1915 and 1935, which was capable of holding a garrison of 1,500 to 2,000 personnel. The Tokushi garrison guarded the heights around the islands, the surrounding seas, and the symbolical city of Toshio; where the Japanese first established a bridgehead in Daresia under the first shogun.

However, the fort, situated along the high cliffs of the Tokushi shoreline, was besieged with preliminary bombardments by the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet, and was subsequently captured by the IJN’s 9th Fleet after three days of fighting.

The loss of the Tokushi garrison withered Daresian morale and resulted in two years before Daresia attempts to retake it were made. The archipelago did not return under Daresia’s control until 1948.