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Note: "Avalon: Age of Air" is not a part of the Avalon universe, and only exists as for lore purposes.


It's the desperate year of 1984 of the Imperial Calendar, and the Empire of Daresia is slowly dying out.

Due to the unhabitable declining temperature, poor weather conditions and frequent food shortages, the peaceful nation is forced to expand in order to survive. Hoping for prolonged survival, Imperial Decree #87 was announced by Empress Asessia I on the 11th of December, 1982; Ultimately known as the nationwide conscription, sending combat competent citizens onto airships in a deserpate campaign for foreign land, hoping to survive in prosperity with other nations.

The Wings of Daresia revolves around the 37th Imperial Expeditionary Wing as they explore the Southern lands where the six major factions, notably being the Anglean Republic, Fjord Baronies, Order of Chaladon, Yesha Empire, Arashi League and the Mercantile Guild reside.

Imperial Calendar[]

In the lore of Guns of Icarus, the story starts in 1917, and timeskips 87 years through the 'Age of Dust' and 'Age of Air' into the present 2004.

The Imperial Calendar of Daresia starts with the peaceful annexation and unification of the tribes in the Northern mountains under the rule of Empress Daraelia I, marking the beginning of an Empire.

Default Calendar: 2004

Imperial Calendar: 1984

Elaboration and more information, such as more lore in regards to the origins will be added.

Structure (InDev)[]

Squadron - 4 Ships

Element - 2/3 Ships