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The Tragedy of Daresia's Military was a major article in The Weekly Post that spread throughout the nation, following the first few months and year of the invasion of Daresia in Bennezusa. This newspaper headline plays a role in the development of the Mortcombe Movements, and essentially revolves around the controversies that the provincial forces of House Kazusa were inadequate, combined with the military officials intentionally sacrificing their men through false hope in order to buy time during the early stages of the invasion. Among the factors resulting in a swift and devastating defeat laid upon common rivalry among generals, particularly among the aristocracy and the military gentry. These elements led to quite lackluster, if not major blunders.

"On the 22nd of December, 1941, the Empire of Japan has succeeded in overwhelming our national forces, and has ultimately forced our military to withdraw further east. The entire region of the Tokushi archipelago and the capital of Merchet, Bennezusa, has fallen under the Japanese. According to eyewitness reports and rumours spread amongst our fellow combatants, a plethora of artillery fire requests were denied and often friendly positions were frequently bombed; which raises the question- did military officials order the destruction of garrisons with our fellow soldiers still inside? Military officials have yet to comment. This controversy was met by extreme criticism and vandalism by the general public around Merchet, and many are wondering if our military has what it takes to cross swords after facing such a swift defeat."


- The short story, Dynamics of Death, sheds light on a particular set of issues that the protagonist, Lieutenant Mathieu de Chauffard of the 2nd ‘Swordmasters’ Company faces during the opening stages of the Japanese invasion. Mathieu, his unit, and fellow allies await reinforcements that never came.

- Jenkins: The general idea that happens surrounding this would prob be that highcommand vainly tries to sustain this front (being that if memory serves Daresia is fighting a off a rebellion/civil war therefore a large portion of the army and a good number of their best and better officers were diverted towards there prior to the Japanese invasion) with this in mind all that high command would have at their disposal would be a core of veterans/elitle troops left behind ( for R and R or for guard purposes/training the reserves, a portion of army units that are currently undergoing training and are effectively reservists and other army units in for R and R , and a large body of Paramilitary Milita whom are men obligated by law to train part-time for certain hours of the week to commit to the defence of daresia as are needed

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