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The Tragedy of Daresia's Military was a major article in The Weekly Post that spread throughout the nation, following the first few months and year of the invasion of Daresia in Bennezusa.

The Red Spring

Notable Notes:

This article revolves around the controversy of the Daresian higher-ups intentionally sacrificing their men through false hope in order to buy time during the early stages of the invasion.( i would recommend also adding how rivalry between generals (who would be mostly aristocracy and the gentry) led to some pretty lackluster if not major blunders and half successful counterattacks and defense operations).


This is evident in the short story, where the protag unit is ordered to hold their position for as long as possible as reinforcements were to arrive, which never came.

The general idea that happens surrounding this would prob be that highcommand vainly tries to sustain this front (being that if memory serves Daresia is fighting a off a rebellion/civil war therefore a large portion of the army and a good number of their best and better officers were diverted towards there prior to the Japanese invasion) with this in mind all that high command would have at their disposal would be a core of veterans/elitle troops left behind ( for R and R or for guard purposes/training the reserves, a portion of army units that are currently undergoing training and are effectively reservists and other army units in for R and R , and a large body of Paramilitary Milita whom are men obligated by law to train part-time for certain hours of the week to commit to the defence of daresia as are needed