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This page is an article containing the short story/audio log which is related to Operation: Stardust.

The Hell Dive is an audio log about a Daresian orbital dive operation that takes place in Danes City. The audio log starts during the deployment of the Orbital Divers.

Afterlife: This is the DNS Abernathy command to all operation channels. Checking for clarity.

All Unit Leaders: You're loud and clear, Abernathy command.

Afterlife: Copy that. Code name for command is Afterlife.

All Unit Leaders: Roger.

Afterlife: Remember, we want intel on anything you find important. Burn every other plans, blueprints, maps, you name it. And I want their communications towers down. That'll slow them down with supply trades and communication with other quarters. I want radio silence until you all clear out your drop areas. And you all know the drill. Drop, shock and burn.

All Unit Leaders: Hooah.

DNS York: Dropping pods in 30 seconds.

Lt. Travers: Well, I don't need to repeat what command said. Let's do this and get our asses back in the York in one piece.

Cpt. Reeve: Check all your gear, load one in the chamber. I want everyone ready as soon as we drop.

Lt. Browne: Let's make this quick. I want to be back in time for chow.

All Members: Hooah.

DNS York: Dropping in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Locks released. Dropping. Good luck out there.

-Radio silence from the 5th fleet to the deployment force. Switching to deployment comms.-

Lt. Travers: We're landing in 2 minutes. Keep yourselves buckled up in your seats, we're entering the atmosphere.

Sgt. Slater: It sure is getting hot in here. Why doe-... keep-... can't see a thing!-

Lt. Travers: What was that? There's interfera-... vrywhere. I can't seem t-...


Radio Buffer: Unknown Reason.

Attempting to re-establish recording... (1)

Attempt failed.

Attempting to re-establish recording... (2)

Attempt succeeded.

Lt. Travers: Slater, are you there? Sla-... there?

Lt. Browne: What the hell is going on? Was that EMP just now?

Cpt. Reeve: I don't think that was EMP. If it were, our pods would be switched to fuel power right now.

Lt. Travers: We'll discuss it later. Right now, we need to prepare for drop. Just 15 seconds left.

Cpt. Reeve: Right.

Lt. Fitzroy: Prepare for impact!

All: Ugh!/Agh!/Mmph!


Radio Buffer: Comms Interruption.

Comms Interruption: Heavy Impact.

Attempting to re-establish recording... (1)

Attempt succeeded.

Cpt. Reeve: Tria, comms check.

All Tria Unit Members: Comms working, sir.

Cpt. Reeve: Good. Ena and Dio commands, comms check.

Lt. Travers/Lt. Browne: Comms fully functional. All unit members responded.

Cpt. Reeve: Alright, grab your gear and get ready to open your hatches on my command.

All: Gear, check.

Cpt. Reeve: Okay. On my mark, 3... 2... 1... Release the hatches! Let's move!

Lt. Travers: Move it! Get to cover!

WO1 Alberts: Ansel, get a grenade on that MG nest!

Sgt. Ansel: Hang on... Frag out!

-to be continued-