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The Empires' Blank Facades is a short story set in World War II, between the years of 1941 and 1944.The story mainly focuses on Matsunaga Shizuya, who is drafted into the 75th Imperial Infantry Regiment, a unit composed almost entirely of Daresian soldiers of Japanese ancestry.

Plot Summary (Only appropriate for SS 6)[]

During the Second Expansive War, Matsunaga Shizuya is a commanding officer who is assigned to lead the Shingetsu Squad, under the Empire of Daresia's 75th Imperial Infantry Regiment. Throughout the course of the war, the squad faces engagements and struggles, on and off the battlefield.

Major Characters[]

Matsunaga Shizuya - The squad leader of the squad Shingetsu for the "Lost Battalion" short story. He is an experienced leader, following his participation in operations prior to his promotion. Like a few of his cormades, he is a 1st generation immigrant from Japan.

Tsukamoto Masaru - Proposed 2nd in command, supporting character for Lost Battalion, placeholder. May serve as a protagonist for the other stories.

Short Stories[]

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Lost Battalion[]

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Affiliated Short Story: Immortal Honour

On the 24th of October, 1944, the 36th Infantry Division's 141st Infantry Regiment's 1st Battalion, simply referred to as the Texas Battalion, was ordered to engage German forces by General Dahlquist. However, the 1st Battalion was surrounded and cut off by German forces, leaving them stranded in Eastern France's Vosges Mountains. Furthermore, attempts from America's 36th Division's other two battalions failed to rescue the 1st Battalion, thus resorting to the 405th Fighter Squadron of the 371st Fighter Group airdropping supplies to the isolated battalion.

As a last resort, the final rescue attempt was made by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a unit mostly composed of second-generation Japanese Americans. However, prior to the deployment of the 442nd, the regiment had fought heavily in the liberation of Bruyères and Biffontaine. Despite only having a short period of rest, General Dahlquist recalled the 442nd early to relieve the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 36th Division.

-somehow- The Empire of Daresia saw this as an opportunity to aid the Americans, and a chance to strengthen morale for both nations participating in the European Front. Despite initial denial, America eventually agreed to allow the 75th Imperial Infantry Regiment, a unit composed of mostly first and second-generation Japanese Daresians, to aid in liberating the besieged 1st Battalion along with the 442nd Regiment.


  • The final short story, under the name of "Lost Battalion", shares real experiences with the The 442nd Infantry Regiment (United States), and may have contradictions.
  • Immortal Honour may have odd background build ups as the final short story, but was necessary as it was originally a school assignment. May update Lost Battalion.