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Stan Ceasar Walker is a 1st Lieutenant and the founder of the Onix Team, is the husband of Jill Walker and father of Kyle Walker.


Stan Walker is a 1st Lieutenant and the founder of the Onix Team. He is considered as one of the best leaders of the Daresian Military. He has been awarded several times and was once awarded the Medal of Honor. He has refused all promotions exceeding the rank of a 1st Lieutenant, which is why he remains with his rank for the rest of his days in the Onix Team. He is a kind and caring husband and father, and has a very close relationship with his son, Kyle Walker.


Stan wears an old ACU or Army Combat Uniform with a Combat Shirt instead of a Combat Polo and rolls up his sleeves below his elbows and black Tactical Knee Pads, covered by a Tan/Khaki Operator Vest, either a Dark Grey Scout Cap and a communications headset or a Tan/Khaki MICH 2002 with a communications set, either Tactical Shades or Aviators, and sometimes a Dark Grey Balaclava. He usually wears plaid shirts or polo's together with sand green or navy green cargo pants, and running shoes.

Early Life[]