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The Sotainne Sentinel or T.38S was a Daresian Medium Tank widely utilized by the Empire of Daresia and the Pacific Entente in WWII.

Design and Development []


Following the introduction Japanese Type 3 Special Medium Tanks, the Sentinel M.38 40mm cannon were struggling to penetrate the front armour of the Type 3 SMT. Tests shown that the 7.7cm High Velocity Field Gun was able to penetrate the front of the new Japanese tanks and was selected in order to improve the Sentinel's Anti tank capabilities.

 Operational History[]



Sentinel T.38S MkI[]

Initial production Sentinel Tank from 1938. This model of tank is sometimes listed as the Sentinel M.38.

Sentinel M38

Sentinel T.38S Mk II

Sentinel M.41 T.38S[]

Designed as a stopgap Anti-tank upgrade to the Sentinel series, the Sentinel Mod. 41 retains the same armour as the Mark II Sentinel tank but trades it's 40mm cannon for a high velocity 50mm cannon modeled after Daresia's 50mm HVFG Anti Tank gun.

Because of the quite limited nature of the Sentinel M.41's cannon in roles other than destroying tanks, the M.41 had only been produced in extremely small numbers.

Sentinel M.44 T.38S Mk. I[]

The Sentinel Mod.44 uses a new turret design which fits a Gunner, Loader, and Commander. The front hull was also redesigned to the new 60mm thick sloped armour (Although the lower glacis remained 50mm flat). And improved visibility.

The following upgrades however impacted the speed and acceleration and reduced it to a maximum speed of 43 km/h compared to the 46 km/h of the Sentinel M.41 and due to the larger turret ring, Fuel tanks had to be cut in size to fit the vehicle, reducing the range.

Operators []