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Siela Strassagne
Audrey Gassenarl - Placeholder image, from Valkyria Chronicles Wiki.
Audrey Gassenarl - Placeholder image, from Valkyria Chronicles Wiki.
Biographical Information
Also Known As Tigress of Daresia
Nationality Daresian
Relatives Charles Strassagne


Stravius Strassagne (Brother)
Elysse Strassagne (Sister)

Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height 5'11 ft
Weight TBA
Features TBA
"Ready my Valkyries!"
― Siela Strassagne, during the Invasion of Daresia

Siela Strassagne is a Major within the Daresian Foreign Legion, and is responsible for commanding the 217th "Valkyrie" Company. She is the second youngest child of General Charles Strassagne, and is also the sister to Stravius and Elysse Strassagne.


Born into one of the Empire's four noble houses, Siela was immediately ensured to be an individual of future importance. However, aside from earning her predetermined prestigious status from her family, Siela also earned a positive reputation among her peers in the military. She formerly served the Daresian Imperial Army as a Major during the Klyrehc Revolution, which earned her the title "Tigress of Daresia" after achieving overwhelming victory in her first operation as a Major.

Early Life[]