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Siege of Leonardsville
Part of the Invasion of Daresia (WWII)
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Date January 3 - January 24, 1941
Location West Daresia
Result Decisive Japanese Victory
Daresian withdrawal from Leonardsville

City razed and occupied by Japanese forces


Empire of Daresia

Empire of Japan

Notable Commanders
Maj. Gen Drummond Scausch (DIA)

Colonel Archibald Whitmore (DAR)
Cpt. Nut (DRN)

Shigematsu Mizue (IJA)

Sawamoto Tsuyoshi (IJN)

Daresian Imperial Army

"2nd Army" Contingents

  • 13th Infantry Division (7,753 men)
  • 115th Independent Armored Battalion (48 tanks)

Artillery Pieces ; 12 "12 inch" Field Guns, 14 Infantry Guns, 312 Mortars 21 Fortress Guns, 12 Coastal Batteries

Daresian Army Reserves "7th Garrison Army"

  • 3rd "Leonardsville" Garrison Division (5,589 men)
  • 11th "Springfield" Infantry Brigade (1,239 men)
  • 95th Independent Engineer Corps (756 men, 12 tanks)

Daresian Ministry of the Interior

  • Leonardsville Armed Police Force (253 men, 22 Mounted Cavalry Units)

Daresian Royal Navy

  • Naval Station Hazel Garrison (439 men)

1 Heavy Cruiser
1 Light Cruiser
3 Destroyers
7 Submarines

Total Strength:
16,051 Men
60 tanks
5 Ships
7 Submarines

Imperial Japanese Army
  • 8th Army
  • 13th Army

Imperial Japanese Navy

  • 11th Fleet
Casualties and Losses
4,537 killed

5,607 wounded 5,457 captured

2,233 killed

4,023 wounded 67 captured 157 MIA

A † symbol denotes that an individual died during the conflict.
"The city's been under siege for five days. We thought we had them pinned, but then the ships showed up."
― Pvt. Leonard Castarno's lines in The Weekly Post.

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Premise : Siege of Leonardsville

City has been under siege for the past week, Japanese forces have encircled 80% of the city by land and are contesting control of the skies and the sea. Daresian Reserve's and Regular Army Contingents fight desperately to buy time to evacuate civilians and heavy equipment.

1st Stage January 3 - 8[]

January 3 1939[]

Elements of the Japanese 8th and 11th Army Vanguards reach the outskirts of the city, where picket forces from the DIA's 13th Infantry Division and Japanese vanguard units clash at Ye Olde's crossing resulting in 3 dead and 7 wounded for the Daresians and 3 dead and 4 wounded for the Japanese.

The siege of Leonards'ville was about to begin

Work in Progress[]

  • Initally it is only the Japanese 8th Army that commits forces to Daresia as the 11th Army was drawn up and delayed enroute as their forces were kept in reserve for the Battle of Little Beppu (January 1st - 2nd)
  • Japanese 8th Army Elements able to successfully envelop Leonards'ville from the West, cutting off communication with Intelligence station Haiku (January 3 - 4)
  • Japanese 8th Army seize Intelligence station Haiku.(January 4)
  • Japanese 8th Army