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The Specialized Armed Intervention Group Operations, simply abbreviated as SAIGO, is a special law enforcement unit under the Ministry of Defence's Civil Security's Section 4 and Daresian National Police. Due to SAIGO's peculiar jurisdiction as a component of the police and armed forces, the unit's capabilities involve counter-terrorism, surveillance, riot control, and paramilitary operations both on home soil and abroad.


Amidst the the invasion of Daresia in 1941 and the rising of the Mortcombe Movement in the same year, in which Japanese citizens were often witch-hunted, the city of Bennezusa was at the forefront these turbulent times. Often considered a mercantile city due its rich history and connection between the regions of Kaicho and Merchet, the city of Bennezusa was rife with gangs, unions, and organised crime; and often relied on its own volunteer force, police, and local military garrisons to quell unrests.

Following the increase of severity and frequency of incidents and general unrest, the Bennezusan Police Service required a branch to prevent and disperse organised crime and riots - resulting in the Bennezusan Police Service Specialist Command. This aggressor group was tasked with dispersing riots, hunting down criminal groups, and hostage incidents.

Outdated - will alter information below, has survived mergers and has become contemporary unit.

Following the events of the Liersche Massacre in 1983, the Ministry of Defence established the unit to combat terrorism-related incidents beyond the capability of local law enforcement. Initially established under the name Section 4, ----

In the wake of the Marsiu Incident in 1985, the unit was renamed SAIGO to commemorate Saigo Tatsumune, the first operative of the unit to be killed in the line of duty. The term saigo was further inspired by Japanese ideology, referencing Saigo Takamori and the Japanese definition of the word - to end/conclude.

Notable SAIGO Units[]


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Juan Pedro Garcia is arrested by Basileus operatives during the Anarchy of America.

Roughly translated as King or Emperor, the offensive unit Basileus are all elite mid-ranged to CQC operatives, and are predominantly deployed in small fireteams to deal annhilate armed threats. It must be noted that this unit has a high casuality rate, and often has a rotating roster.


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The Cerberus Unit is a reconnaissance unit consisting of three teams, and are sent to subjugate threats with lethal force. They are mostly deployed into zones of immediate danger, where they eliminate any hostilities they come across.


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Orion, information to be added by Alex.


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