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The RMW-47(II) "Sapien II" (Romeo Mobile Walker-47(II) Sapien II) is a Tactical Combat Unit created by the ATSW Corporation.


The Sapien Project was created as research for next generation TCUs for use in combat. The Sapien II is the successor to the first model of the project, RMW-47 "Sapien". The Sapien TCUs take their model from one of the ATSW Corporation's later models, the M-117 "Rodeo", as a basis of the corporation's next-gen TCU research.

The Sapien Project TCUs are modeled to be more human-shaped or humanoid. The project's main goal is to "make larger soldiers", emphasizing the implementation of human-shaped designs for units. One of the mainly distinct features the TCUs of the Sapien Project has is the addition of hands instead of mounted weaponry in each arm.