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Polot Dalonta
Biographical Information
Also Known As Polot the Pilot
Nationality TBA
Status Deceased
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Features TBA

Polot Dalonta, nicknamed "Polot the Pilot" among his peers, is a pilot within the 1st Pacific Naval Fleet's 'Icarus' Squadron. He is known for sinking the Japanese military Cargo Ship in the Japanese Palawan Fleet.

== Trivia==

- Polot, otherwise known as Generic Polot 1 was originally an error that Gevanson a ccidentally typed, which later became Polot Dalo nta when he mentioned "Da lone Ta", where he was using a German Ta 152, the only propeller propelled aircraft in his team during a match in War Thunder.

Polot Placeholder

A damaged Polot Dalonta readies himself for his ultimate sacrifice.