The Empire of Daresia Wiki
Phoenix Archer
Biographical Information
Nationality Unknown
Status Alive
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height 5"10
Weight 173 lbs.
Features Strategic thinking, physically fit

1st Lieutenant Phoenix "Arch" Archer, the acting leader of Onix Team, is an experienced Marksman in the battlefield and is known for being the first recruit to make it into the STG (Special Training Group).


No one knows anything about what Archer did before he signed up for the Special Training Group. Archer was the very first to enlist under the STG and was named the best performing soldier under the STG. He participated in Operation: Clean Swipe, acting as a Squad Leader with the rank of a Staff Sergeant. Although there were a few wounded on his squad, he was able to maintain his team and was able to bring home everyone alive. A few days after the success of the operation, Archer was given the Medal of Honor to award him for his brave acts during the operation. After 4 months, the Special Training Group was considered no longer in action as a large group of teams, but instead was reformed as a team. The STG, along with the remaining soldiers under the STG, was renamed into Onix Team. Archer was rose up the ranks as a 1st Lieutenant, and was made the leader of the team. He commands 6 squads, along with his own squad, in the team.