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The DRN Pacific Fleet[]

When war broke out with Japan the DRN Pacific fleet found itself unable to effective concentrate its forces, due to the Japaneses's effective pre-war infiltration of the different branches of government in Daresia ; feeding misinformation and providing planners back home with accurate data on the movements and positions of Daresian units in the continent. It is due to this that the DRN Pacific Fleet suffered a tremendous blow at the Raid on Port Catarina where the majority of its capital ship elements of the Pacific Fleet were sunk, this left the DRN with only 2 battle cruisers, 2 light carriers, 1 light cruiser, and 4 destroyers in Battlegroup Yamagucci (which had left Port Catarina 3 days before the raid to conduct training near the Daresian partion of the Aleutian islands. Furthermore the DRN in the Pacific had its last 2 heavy cruisers, and 3 light cruisers, and 5 destroyers of the 2nd scouting group operating in the Leonardsville area.

The Daresian Home Fleet[]

To compensate for the loss of men and material at Port Catarina the DRN high command had shifted assets from the Home Fleet to the Pacific fleet to help contain the IJN threat.



Operation Hardcase[]