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Operation: Stardust
Part of Avalon: Dev Stage 2
Date September 24, 2208
Location Danes City, EPCON-H Territory
Result Decisive Daresian Victory
Empire of Daresia EPCON-H
Notable Commanders
Baseplate Adrian Mort
Orbital Diver Corps

The Daresian Imperial Army

EPCON-H Army Forces

Danes City Police Department

Casualties and Losses
Daresian Troops

SSgt. Vickers

DCPD Police Officers

EPCON-H Troops

"Drop, shock and burn."
― Afterlife to all Orbital Divers

Operation: Stardust, otherwise known as The Hell Dive, was an orbital dive operation that took place in the city of Danes to capture intelligence, sabotage plans and communications towers of the EPCON-H .