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This page is an article containing the short story/audio log which is related to Operation: Arrowhead.

Birds in the Stratosphere is an audio log about a Daresian aerial operation that takes place in the atmosphere of planet Earth. The audio log starts a few moments after the operation briefing.

Dispatch Operator: All pilots, report to the hangar, I repeat, all pilots report to the hangar immediately. Man your stations.

Sheath Dispatch: Jeanette, you're the lead for the unit's operation.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Roger that.

Javelin-1 / Bianca: So they finally gave you a chance to become the unit lead? Haha!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Heh, I can guarantee you I'll make the best lead yet.

Speartip-5 / Willards: Ladies, please, we're in the middle of an operation.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: You don't have to remind us, Will.

Speartip-5 / Willards: Well, shall we start the aircraft checking then?

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Systems operational. Flaps, check. Vertical and horizontal stabilizers are steady. Comm's functional. Squad, report.

Speartip-2 / Andrea: Ready!

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Ready!

Speartip-4 / David: Ready!

Speartip-5 / Willards: All ready!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Alright. Javelin-1, how's your end doing?

Javelin-1 / Bianca: My squadron's good to go.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Copy that, dispatch, air units are all ready.

Sheath Dispatch: Sheath to Javelin and Speartip, we'll now commence mission operation.

Javelin & Speartip Flights: Roger.

Javelin-1 / Bianca: So what's the plan, Speartip?

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Same as always, time for us to have some fun. None of us are leaving until we're satisfied with our complete victory, shoot down anything that's not ours!

Javelin-1 / Bianca: Hah, happy to oblige!

Javelin-4 / David: Multiple targets spotted, count eight, please confirm. 

Sheath Dispatch: Sheath to Javelin and Speartip, eight hostiles confirmed. Permission to engage, weapons free.

Javelin-1 / Bianca: Javelin Flight, engaging!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Speartip Flight, engaging!

Javelin-1 / Bianca: Take that bomber down! We can't allow any harm to get to the base!

Javelin-2 / Alexander: Javelin-3, fire! I've got a Talon here so you go do it!

Javelin-3 / Wick: Roger, wilco. Engaging the enemy bomber. Warhead 1, is away!

Javelin-1 / Bianca: Confirmed kill. That bomber's gone for good.

Sheath Dispatch: New formation spotted, more hostiles incoming. All units, intercept and engage.

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Agh! My right wing's taken massive damage, I don't think it'll keep up any longer!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Hyun, get back to the hangar, get your ship repaired, we can hold off for now! Go!

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Copy that! Heading back to hangar.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Alright, Speartip, arrow formation, hold off until 3 can get back!

Speartip Squadron: Roger that!

Speartip-5 / Willards: Squad lead, we can't hold on like this much longer! We're taking too many hits!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Damn it! Alright, Speartip Squadron, break formation! Evasive maneuvers!

Speartip-2 / Andrea: Agh! My engine's been hit! My unit's on flames!

Speartip-4 / Victor: Andrea, move away from the line of fire!

Speartip-2 / Andrea: I'm trying, but it won't move! There's no pressure on the pedals, and the stick's de- Agh!

Speartip-4 / Victor: Speartip-2, take evasive action!

Speartip-2 / Andrea: H-how is that possible?

Frantically yelling, Victor implores Andrea to eject, moments before her aircraft explodes.

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Andrea, hang in there! I'm coming to you!

Speartip-4 / Victor: Andrea! Eject, ejec-- Andrea- Hurry up!!

Speartip-2 / Andrea: Scheiße-

As Andrea screams and attempts to eject, her G-8 detonates, engulfing the aircraft in flames.

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: ANDREA!!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: We can't do anything about her now. Follow protocol, don't stop firing!

Speartip-4, Speartip-5 / Victor, Willards: Rog'!

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: *Whispers* Andrea...

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Speartip-3, there is nothing we could have done, now get your ass back up on the line or you're going to end up like her!

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Roger.

Javelin-1 / Bianca: Speartip's taking heavy fire, Javelin's 3 and 4, move in to Speartip's position and provide support. The rest of the squad, spread out and attack below the enemy Talons and Vultures!

Javelin Squadron: Yes ma'am!

Javelin-3, Javelin-4 / Wick, Lex: Hold your fire, we're coming in from your west. What's the status on your squad?

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: We're running low on ammunition, one of my unit's been shot down, and one is severely damaged.

Javelin-3 / Wick: Copy that, we'll transport a PSS on your position, hang in tight.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Copy. Squad, hold the line, make sure no one gets to Javelin!

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: There's too many of 'em, and we're running out of supplies! We need that PSS now!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Just hang in tight damn it! Hold the fucking line!

Javelin-3 / Wick: We're packing up the PSS, just give us 2 minutes!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: We'll hold as long as we can, but you better make it quick!

Javelin-3 / Wick: We're doing it as fast as we can!

Speartip-4 / David: My Wing's hit, the pedals won't help!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: David, eject! I'd rather lose the plane than another crewman. We'll do what we can from up here.

Speartip-4 / David: Copy that. Ejecting.


Javelin-3 / Wick: Alright, we've got the PSS! Just give us 30 seconds!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Copy tha- Urgh! Fuck! Get that PSS over here quickly!

Javelin-3 / Wick: Deploying the PSS!

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Hyun So, have your aircraft reloaded by the station, Will and I will hold off.

Speartip-3 / Hyun So: Copy that, on my way to resupply.

Javelin-3 / Wick: We've loaded the station with some missiles, just in case we run into something big.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Thanks for the help.

Javelin-3 / Wick: Anytime. My partner and I will be heading back in formation with the rest of our squad.

Speartip-1 / Jeanette: Rog', we'll handle it from here.

-To be continued.