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Onix Team
Leader(s) Lt. Stan Walker (2030 - 2050)

Lt. Dale Caro (2050 - 2070)
Cpt. Kyle Walker (2080 - 2084)

Headquarters New Carolina, Daresia
Locations New Carolina


Historical Information
Formed from 2030
Dissolution 2084
Empire of Daresia

The Onix Team is a special operations team formed to answer counter-terrorism around Daresia. The Onix Team originated, or was originally the 1st batch of STG-trained operatives, leading over 30 trainees. A few months after Operation: Clean Swipe, the first batch of STG-trained operatives formed the Onix Team. Today, there are over 50 members under the Onix Team.


The Onix Team was formed in the year 2030 by Lt. Stan Walker, a few months after the success of Operation: Clean Swipe. The team originated from the first batch of STG-trained operatives, which was formed to answer to the insurgents named "Skars ". The STG was renamed into The Daresian Special Operations TableDSOT in short, and its purpose was as well remade. The DSOT now acts as a group that conducts joint operations with other teams around the country, thus the Onix Team was formed.


There are a number of units operating under Onix Team, each of which composing of 10 members.

Onix Team units named in the order of settlement conquest and rank:

1. Onix-1 "Gold" unit, of New Carolina, Daresia[]

Name: Rank: Nationality:
Stan Walker 1st Lieutenant Daresian
Jill Walker 2nd Lieutenant Daresian
Jake Whitaker Master Sergeant American
Hol Zhang Gunnery Sergeant Chinese
John Barbeau Staff Sergeant Canadian
Brian Cassidy Staff Sergeant Australian
Aaron Stuart Lance Corporal Daresian
Finn Colman Corporal Irish
Jess Hansen Private First Class Canadian
Shin Gabriel Private First Class Daresian