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Maras Placeholder

Bassi River within the Maras Mountains.

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The Mariam Observatory.

Mount Maras, also known as the Maras Mountains, is a town and a mountain range that's situated within the Martincheste region of Daresia. Mount Maras, the tallest mountain of the range, is often nicknamed 'the observatory' due to the Mariam Observatory, the town's picturesque views, and strategic position as a geological wall.


Mount Maras houses a town of luxury and festive culture, where modern life mixes in with traditional heritage. The town, often bustling with tourists, is home to many luxurious mountainside houses and mansions positioned alongside a backdrop of colourful cliffside streets, the world renowned Bassi River, and the Mariam Observatory.




  • The name Maras originated from a misspelling of Mars, an error made by Gevanson during a weapon loadout change in Guns of Icarus.