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Matsunaga Shizuya
Biographical Information
Also Known As Matsu
Ranks/Titles Lance-Corporal
Role Squad Leader
Birth February 29, 1920
Death October 27, 1944
Nationality Daresian
Ethnicity Japanese
Relatives TBA
Status Deceased
Affiliations Empire of Daresia
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O

Matsunaga Shizuya (Shizuya Matsunaga) was a Lance-Corporal within the 75th Imperial Infantry Regiment, during World War II. He is the protagonist in The Empires' Blank Facades. He is portrayed as the squad leader of his personal squad, which is named the Shingetsu Squad.

Placeholder Note: Issei - First Generation, immigrants born in Japan.