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The Laganta Frace or F.38L was a Daresian single-seat fighter aircraft used by the Daresian Royal Air Force before and during World War II. It was the most produced Daresian Fighter throughout the war.

It was nicknamed "Stubby" by many Frace Pilots due to the shorter than usual length of the plane.

Design and Development[]

Adélard Perrot, who was known for light sporting aircraft was commissioned by Laganta Arsenal to design a small, maneuverable fighter plane for the Daresian Air Force. His design was impressive at the time and the fighter prototype was designated the F.38L

Production of the Frace Mk I would begin in late 1937, initially powered by the Lagana Pegasus engines.

The upper wing of the Laganta Frace Mk I Fighters proved to be unpopular with many pilots as they felt it restricted visibility. This problem would have not been resolved up until the creation of the Frace Mk III Mono-wing fighter.

Perrot eventually redesigned the Frace Fighter to make the plane drag less in the air, the new design added the retractable landing gear. The landing gear had issues as it tended to break during bumpy landings.

The Laganta Frace's airframe was proven to be rugged and effective enough that it eventually was remodeled into a mono-wing configuration in the late 1942. This variant of the plane was designated as the Mark III Laganta Frace.

The Mk III Laganta Frace Fighters was beloved by pilots due to the plane's simplistic controls, maneuverability, and speed as well as being quite liked by the maintenance crew due to the simplicity of the plane's maintenance, surplus of spare parts which were interchangeable with the former Frace models.

Operational History[]

At the time of the Invasion of Daresia, around 700 Frace Mk I Fighters and around a thousand Frace Mk II Fighters were fielded. The Frace fighters although outdated were able to fight the Japanese A6M2 planes on near equal terms during a turn although outclassed in terms of armaments and speed. They completely struggled to fight the A7K1 Fighters and suffered heavy losses against the plane. Many Frace pilots were ordered not to engage the A7K fighters due its reputation.


Laganta Frace Mk I[]

Frace Mk I

Laganta Frace Mk I

Initial production Frace Biplane fighter. It was armed with two 7.7 Caron Machine guns.

Laganta Frace Mk II[]

The Frace Mk II which was introduced in 1939 is a direct upgrade to the Frace Mk I featuring a retractable landing gear, reflector sights instead of telescopic sights, and four 7.7 Caron Machine guns.

Laganta Frace Mk III[]

Introduced in late 1942, the Laganta Frace Mk III is a complete overhaul of the old Frace Mk II featuring a new, larger wing design and updated engine. The Frace Mk III ditched the Biplane configuration for a monowing configuration which allowed the plane to fight on near equal terms against the much faster Japanese fighters. The Laganta Frace Mk III utilizes the Laganta Gorgon Engine.

It was armed with two 7.7mm Caron machine guns and two 20mm DRC 404 cannons.

Laganta Frace Mk IV[]


Laganta Frace Mk V[]