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The Koizumi Se96K Tsubame is a single seat land-based fighter, manufactured by the Koizumi Aircraft Company, and operated by the Empire of Japan in 1942 to 1948. The Se96K was designated as the Koizumi Type 2 Land-based Fighter. It has no official 'Ki' designation.

Design and Development[]


In the Koizumi designation "Se96K", "Se" refers to Sentōki, which means its a land-based fighter, "96" meant it was part of the land-based fighter series, and "K" indicated the manufacturer, Koizumi.



The most common variant produced. This variant uses an inline engine, like the other newer ones, but has an armament of four 12.7mm MGs and one 30mm cannon.


This variant replaced two of its 12.7mm MGs for two 20mm cannons. Otherwise, it is identical to the original 96


The least produced variant, Its armament is four 20mm cannons, the same as that used in the Se96K2 and one 30mm cannon. This plane was used as an interceptor more than a fighter. The engine this variant uses is a modified Koizumi B3 engine to increase power output.