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He101K Kinmokusei
Role Interceptor


Manufacturer Koizumi Aircraft Company
Introduction 1945
Retired 1948
Primary Users Empire of Japan
Variants Ko
Plane Specifications
Model He101K-Ko Kinmokusei
Engine Jet Engine
Armaments 4x 3cm Type 5 cannons
Pilot Capacity 1
Max Speed 920 km/h
Features Unknown

The Koizumi He101K Kinmokusei was a single seat Jet-powered Interceptor plane developed by the Koizumi Aircraft Company used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy during the 2nd World War. The He101K was designated as Imperial Weapon III Kinmokusei (皇国三号兵器金木犀 Kōkoku Sangō Heiki Kinmokusei).

Design and Development[]


The Koizumi designation "He101K", "He" refers to Heiki, which means weapon, "101" meant it was a Special-purpose plane, in this term, it means a Jet, and "K" indicated the manufacturer, Koizumi. The name Kinmokusei is derived from Osmanthus fragrans.



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