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Ba31K Asamoya
Role Land-based Long range Bomber
Manufacturer Koizumi Aircraft Company
Introduction 1943
Retired 1948
Primary Users Empire of Japan
Variants Ba31K-I
Plane Specifications
Model Ba31K-I
Engine Numerous Radial Engines
Armaments 2x 2cm Type 100 cannons Nose cannons

1x 2x 20 mm Type 100 cannon (tail turret),

5x 2x 12.7 mm Machine guns

4000 kg worth of bombs

Pilot Capacity 10
Max Speed 428 km/h
Features TBA

The Koizumi Ba31K Asamoya is a heavy bomber aircraft, manufactured by the Koizumi Aircraft Company, and operated by the Empire of Daresia and the Empire of Japan in 1940 to 1948. The Ba31K was designated as the Koizumi Type 31 Land-based attack aircraft (三一式陸上攻撃機 朝靄 ro-ma-ji-goes-here).

Design and Development[]


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