Kazusa Ayase
Biographical Information
Also Known As hide
Nationality Daresian
Relatives Andrius G. Charlemagne


Status Deceased
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Features TBA

Kazusa Ayase (Ayase Kazusa) was a violinist and a composer. She was famous for her musical work with her husband Andrius G. Charlemagne, before her death in 2016.


The Lost Soul of Ibrahim - Featured

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Prior to the shock death of Ayase, the duo volunteered in aiding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the mass intake of refugees from communist unnamed nation. In District 6, an Admission checkpoint, they meet many refugees. One of them being Ibrahim Nabhuan, a sole refugee who may have a chance of reuniting with his family.

Andrius & Ayase - Featured

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Cellist Andrius G. Charlemagne and Violinist Ayase Kazusa were global musicians, famous for competing and performing internationally as a duo. But after his wife, his essential partner, died in a plane crash, Andrius falls into a state of depression and vanishes from the public eye. A year after his wife's death, a television program is broadcasted depicting the rise and fall of the legendary duo, thus resulting in the search for Andrius.

An Archer's Rose - Featured

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