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Initially known as ‘Kyokutō Nihon’ (Far East Japan), the name ‘Kaichō’, which is defined as ‘harmony’ and ‘unity’, was coined around 1336 - in which Japanese expeditions expressed the sight of the land and accompanying sounds of seagulls to be harmonious and relieving; for setting sail for Daresia would be the longest voyage from their homeland. Upon the formation of domains under the Murasame Shogunate, daimyōs around the region had banded together to repel the natives of Daresia, which promoted unity amongst the Japanese. Kaichō also encompasses the westmost archipelago under the administration of Tokushijima, Couriers' Island.

Notable Locations[]

Bennezusa Port

The 3rd Fleet of the Dareisan Royal Navy arrives to reinforce the besieged city of Bennezusa during the invasion of Daresia.


Initially named Ashita (明日), coined from the Japanese word "tomorrow" by Lord Katsushiya Kazusa in 1577.

  • Following waves of migration from Europe and Asia, Ashita was the center of trade in Western Daresia.
  • Invasion of Ashita from House Chauffard/French raids of Ashita
  • House Kazusa loses large portions of territory due to French Musketeers
  • Eventually shared between House Kazusa and House Chauffard through peace negotiations

Often considered a mercantile city due its rich history and connection between the regions of Kaicho and Merchet, the city of Bennezusa was rife with gangs, unions, and organised crime; and often relied on its own volunteer force, police, and local military garrisons to quell unrests - which had led to the establishment of the renowned specialist police force, SAIGO.

Throughout the Pacific Campaign, Bennezusa served as a major port for US and Commonwealth forces during the war. However, the peninsula was the primary target of the initial Japanese attack during the Invasion of Daresia. The city was subsequently invaded and occupied by the Japanese.

Tokushi Islands[]