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Invasion of Daresia (WWII)
Part of World War II
Date December 8, 1941
Location Western Daresia
Result Daresian Victory
Empire of Japan Empire of Daresia
Notable Commanders
Casualties and Losses

The Japanese invasion of Daresia, otherwise referred to as the Autumn Campaign by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, began on December 8, 1941 after Japanese forces coordinated attacks on large portions of Western Daresia and its surrounding islands. The attack on the Daresian homeland resulted in significant conflict between Daresia, Merue and the Commonwealth, against the encroaching Empire of Japan.


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Although there were many attacks situated at once on the dawn of December 8, 1942, the invasion of the Empire of Daresia's Tokushi archipelago is often considered the official start of the Pacific Theatre. A small chain of islands situated to the east of one of Daresia's mainlands, the islands housed a few, crucial components necessary to exploit as a springboard; notably the Iwahashi Harbour and neighbouring airfield.

Tokushi Islands

Tokushi Islands

Battle for the Tokushi Islands (Couriers' Isl.)
8 December to 14 December, 1941

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The Empire of Japan was not known for joint operations involving land, sea and air forces between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Special Naval Landing Force; with the Invasion of Daresia being the main exception.

Anticipating this eventual requirement, prior to Operation A, the invasion of mainland Daresia, the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters devised Operation Ku-Ichi, an assault against the Tokushi Islands situated West of Kaicho.

Fall of the Alliot Line
8 December to 18 December, 1941

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Battle for Bennezusa
10 December to 22 December, 1941

Another strategic target under Japan's Operation A was the attack on the port city of Bennezusa, one of the key industrial cities of the Merchet region. Bennezusa, located on Daresia's western coast, and as a part of the Bennezusa-Alliot Defence Line, the city served as the primary headquarters of the Daresian Royal Navy, and the British Royal Navy's base of operations in Daresia.

Both within and around the city saw heavy urban action. Despite a large majority of the civilian population being evacuated, the Daresian military, Bennezusan militia, and participating allies had remained stationed to defend the region. Despite these garrisons, and after significant losses on both sides, Japan had invaded Bennezusa and its surrounding towns in the span of a two weeks; decimating the Daresian, British, Indian and Australian defenders through unprecedented biological attacks - the Battle for Bennezusa being the first city outside the Second Sino-Japanese War to see the use of biological warfare.