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Imperial Homeland Security
Founder(s) Cdr. Lenin Skyster
Leader(s) Cdr. Frank Enrique

Gen. Novius Prett (Former) Cdr. Lenin Skyster (Former)

Headquarters Central Daresia
Locations Spread throughout Daresia
Historical Information
Formed from 1989
Empire of Daresia

- Civil Security

Notable Members
Cpt. Jane Miller (Field Commander)

Lt. Freddie Huang (Hopper Squad)
Lt. Ryan Holt (Falter Squad)
Lt. Megan Powell (Power Squad)
Lt. Jerry Gallagher (Gideon Squad)
Lt. Terry Marsh (Noble Squad)
Lt. Theresa Lau (Plague Squad)
Lt. Shin Tazama (Jumper Squad)
Lt. Mia Chandler (Kilo Squad)
Lt. Megan Hopkins (Crook Squad)
Lt. Brian O'Donnell (Bolt Squad)

The Imperial Homeland Security, or simply known as IHS, is a division under the Civil Security which is in charge of Daresia's defense forces.


The Imperial Homeland Security was formed in the year 1989 as to improve the nation's defenses due to recent terrorist attacks in the year. During the division's early years, the IHS simply trained policemen and medical staff to prepare for a time when terrorist attacks occur or in the worst-case scenario, an invasion.

In the year 1996, Commander Skyster saw that training policemen, nurses and doctors was not enough to keep the nation secure. This is when Commander Skyster decided to introduce sleeper agents to the IHS. After Commander Skyster's death in 2002 during a car bombing, he was quickly replaced by General Prett to take command of the IHS.

In 2008, during a terrorist siege in a city near the western coast of Daresia, General Prett ordered the activation of 2 squads in the city; Crook and Falter Squads. The re-taking of the city was deemed successful and the 2 squads have been re-allocated to erase any traces of the members' identity.