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House Strassagne
Founder(s) TBA
Leader(s) TBA (Not Stravius)
Headquarters TBA
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Formed from TBA
Empire of Daresia
Notable Members
Charles Strassagne

Stravius Strassagne
Elysse Strassagne
Siela Strassagne

House Strassagne is one of four Imperial Houses of the Empire of Daresia, located in ????. Formed in ????, the house was commemorated after the Strassagne family, for its exemplary service in the Empire.


The second most influencial noble house, being House Strassagne, plays a major role in both political and military affairs.


(Origins and such here)

House Strassagne is a royal house that originated from Sweden.

During the Siege of Vitale, following the entire unification of the United Confederation of Eurasia, numerous members of House Strassagne served in the Daresian military. Stravius, Elysse and Siela, and all three proved competent officers.