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House Kazusa is one of four permanent Imperial Houses of the Empire of Daresia under the command of House Warden Yamashiro Kazusa and branch family heads.


The Kazusa clan was one of the three notable clans in expanding the Japanese periphery in the Pacific, in which they played a key role and subsequently gained power through subduing brigands, pirates and natives that threatened the newly established domains. These accomplishments would thus enable them to accumulate power, authority and prestige among the pioneers clans in Daresia.

Notable Individuals (?)

Yamashiro Kazusa
Itagaki Tomoe
Maruizawa Tsunoma
Moura Inashikura
Kotetsua Shigama
Hanayori Inoue
Nagai Kagiyama
Satoshi Iori
Mitsuki Haruhisa
Yonenaga Souji