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From what started as a small clan, blossomed into a community rich with imagination.

The Foundation / 2012[]

Founded on the 20th of April, 2012, "Firehawk-1" was a small exclusive team formed by BioBuster and Kazi Darrette, which was a referece to a short story under the name of "Firehawk-One". The story revolved around the genres of science fiction, modern warfare and mystery, requiring interested contributors to create biography forms in order to include their character into the team. A few days later, Firehawk was renamed to Civil Security Special Operations, CSSO for short.


  • The Facebook group for the story was created on February 29 under the name of Missing In Action, later renamed to Firehawk-One on March 10.
  • Following the renaming of Firehawk-1 to CSSO, the story of Firehawk-One was cancelled on the 27th of May.

The Civil Security / 2012 - 2013[]


First post under the name "Civil Security Special Forces".

On the 14th of May, Civil Security Special Operations was renamed to Civil Security Special Forces. Within a month, the CSSF was able to enlist 35 recruits. 

Timeskip to 21st to 30th of September![]

Between the 21st and the 30th of September, 2016, the wiki went under its first overhaul. The overhaul consisted of changes such as the renewal of the main page (insert old page image), the removal of Gevanson's BFR/BFS events (notably includng the HSBV-II Virus) and other occurrences.