The Empire of Daresia Wiki
GPV-1 "Eighty-Four"
Role Light Truck

Combat Transport

Manufacturer ATSW Corporation
Introduction 2101
Retired TBA
Primary Users Empire of Daresia
Variants GPT-1 "Oh-1"
Vehicle Specifications
Model GPV-1 "Eighty-Four"
Engine V16 diesel 9.7 L
Armour 17mm Titanium plating
Armaments 20mm Gatling

BGM-71 TOW GAU-19 Gatling

Crew Capacity 5
Max Speed 130km/h
Features Multi Purpose

The GPV-1 "Eighty-Four" (Ground Personnel Vehicle-1 Eighty-Four) is a multi purpose light truck produced by the ATSW Corporation.


The GPV-1 "Eighty-Four" takes most of its outer design from the first HMMWV or Humvee, which was first produced in the year of 1984, thus the nickname "Eighty-Four".