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Evason Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Founder(s) Nicholas Evason

Daniel Evason

Headquarters TBA
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Founding April 23, 1928
Dissolution June 13, 1970
Empire of Daresia

The Evason Aircraft Manufacturing Company was Daresian aircraft company. Evason was founded by Nicholas and Daniel Evason in 1928, and later merged with Sayachi Heavy Industries to form Evason Sayachi in 1970.




Founded in 1930 by Yamada Sayachi, Sayachi Heavy Industries was a vehicle manufacturer that produced commercial vehicles for public use.  

Founded on April 23, 1928 by Nicholas and Daniel Evason, Evason was an aircraft manufactuer that produced aircraft for commercial use. Merger talks between Sayachi Heavy Industries and the Evason Aircraft Manufacturing Company began in 1970.