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The Evachi Wyvern was a single seat Strike Fighter aircraft built by Evachi Heavy Industries that served throughout World War II, operated by the Empire of Daresia, America, Philippines and Indonesia in 1942 to 1950.

Design and Development[]

The Evachi Wyvern was a Strike Fighter designed and manufactured in Daresia by Evachi Heavy Industries between 1941 and 1943.

The Wyvern was designed to meet the urgent demands for Strike aircraft to equip the DRAF.

The Evachi Wyvern was fitted with the experimental Mitchell 41A engine which utilized contra-rotating propellers, and armed with four 20mm DRC 404 cannons. It was also able to mount two 50 kg bombs and a 500 kg bomb, or three RHE-41 or RAP-41 Unguided Rockets on each wing.

The Wyvern was well liked by pilots who flew in it, as it was faster than most Japanese Fighters, and had enough firepower to take down the toughest Japanese bombers during the Invasion of Daresia. It was also easy to fly and because of the engines, nullified the torque effect of the plane.

However, despite the praise from Pilots, the Wyvern was disliked by Ground crews due to multiple problems. First notable problem was the engine, although revolutionary, was prone to breakdowns. The Wyvern also required High Octane fuel to function correctly else risk the engine breaking down, which was the Empire of Daresia was in short supply of during the war. The Engine was also much louder than most other fighters making attacks on unsuspecting pilots much harder to do.

Further complications with the Mitchell 41A Engine slowed down production of the plane until production stopped in 1946.

Operational History[]