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Evachi Heavy Industries
Founder(s) Sayachi Yamada

Nicholas Evason
Daniel Evason

Headquarters New Carolina, Daresia
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Formed from Evason Aircraft Manufacturing Company

Sayachi Heavy Industries

Founding 1970
Empire of Daresia
Notable Members

Evachi Heavy Industries, or simply referred to as Evachi, is a major engineering and manufacturing company that produces advanced weaponry, vehicles and robotics.


Being one of the largest industrial businsses, Evachi was an international company known for its products, mostly being for cargo purposes, prior to international conflict.---


Evachi Heavy Industries was formed in New Gloucester in August, 1970, as the result of an agreement between Sayachi Heavy Industries and the Evason Aircraft Manufacturing Company to form a new company to construct both land and air vehicles in Daresia.

Eventually, both the Evason brothers and Yamada founded the firm 'Evason Sayachi', later being renamed as 'Evachi Heavy Industries'.

Founded in 2045, young entreprenours Nicholas Evason, Daniel Evason  and Yamada Sayachi were initially eager to develop advanced technology in terms of humanitarian aid. (Add some college and other dramatic life events here)



Random Notes[]

  • Known to compete against the AUH Corporation.
  • Has a naming convention to name products after concept provider.


Aerial Vehicles[]

Type-01 Mace-Class[]

Produced in 2075, the Type-01 Mace is known to be a formidable aircraft and is still considered to be one of the most powerful aircraft. Armed with 16 Leviathan VI Missiles, 4 G-4 Autocannons and a pair of A-4 Machineguns, the Mace can launch a barrage of Missiles, causing overwhelming amounts of devastation over a wide range of area. Because of the Mace's unique loadout, the Mace is capable of engaging both air and ground targets. Despite the Mace's large size it can only accomodate up to 6 experienced pilots and gunners, and it can only reach speeds up to 40 km/h while it's hovering, but can reach up to speeds of 300km/h with it's main engine.

Tactical Combat Units[]

Type-01 Cataphract[]

Developed in 2080, the Type-01 Cataphract is the first two-seater combat TCU to have been produced, to relieve operational stress on the pilots.

Type-01 Furai[]

Fully developed in 2080, the Type-01 Furai is one of the first combat capable TCUs to be mass produced. Until 2082, before further research development and improvements were used to create its successor, the Type-02 Furai.

Type-02 Furai Mk. II[]

As an overall improvement of the Type-01 Furai, the Type-02 Furai replaced the Type-01, which was then used as training units for military academies.

Type-01 Wadatsumi[]

Known for its amazing agility and offensive capabilities in simulators during development, the Type-01 Wadatsumi was praised greatly by many pilots. It was then known as the 'water dragon' of its generation, as it was also the first TCU capable of underwater travel.