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Noble White - Imperial Aresenal
NW back BC

Design and description[]

Daresian Royal Navy

General characteristics[]

Crew : 1300

Build time : 3-4 years approx.

Top speed : 31. 5 knots (on trails)

Actual speed : 30.4 Knots

Armour and propulsion[]


Service history[]

The Battlecrusier Edel Weiss named on the account of the white embellishments found at the top of her main armaments and that she was partly funded by the Daresian Lady's Association (of whom the ship's bell and emblem)

The Battlecrusier Drachenfresser was named on the account of her guns providing the brighest flash of all the capital ships of the DRN.

Operation Showpiece[]

DRN's attempt to lure the Japanese Navy into a desicive battle, however they DRN would instead be ambushed themselves leading to the loss of of the Drachenfresser and her accompanying destroyer escort.

Operation Showpeice

DRN's plan for Operation Showpiece

EW replacement BC daresia
Operation Silentwind

Operation - 静かな風

Operation Showpeice&Silentwind

Events of Operation Showpiece/Silentwind

The core of DRN's Operation Showpiece was for Battlegroup Bailey was to by any means persuade the IJN's Combined Fleet to pursue therefore enabling Battlegroup Anders to flank the IJN and then with both fleets envelop and destroy a portion if not the entire fleet.

Operation Silent Wind[]

The IJN's likewise had developed a plan to destroy the DRN's Major surface units interdicting their efforts in the region. To achieve this the IJN Adimralty drafted Operation Silent-Wind, the plan was to track the movements of the DRN's 2nd fleet, and under the cover of radio silence the IJN would encircle the DRN and destroy them.


The events that unfolded was disastrous on both sides as the IJN lost one of their battleships the Fuso, and a light crusier the Sendai.

Comparatively the DRN had lost its latest Battlecrusier the Drachenfresser and all 6 of its destroyers and the light crusier Mount Rumi.

Fire edel

Battlegroup Anton engaging the IJN during Operation Hardcase

Name Builder Laid down Launched Commissioned Fate
Edel Weiss Imperial-Arsenal Shipyards November, 14th, 1932 January, 7th, 1936 April, 21st, 1938 Museum ship
Drachenfresser Imperial-Arsenal Shipyards December, 3rd, 1932 May, 22nd, 1936 July, 14th, 1939 Sunk during Operation Showpiece