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The International Flag of Planet Earth
Placeholder by Oskar Pernefeldt.
Extra-Planetary Consortium of Humanity
Founder(s) United Nations
Leader(s) Adrian Mort
Headquarters New Eden
Locations TBA
Historical Information
Formed from 23rd May, 2177
Notable Members

The Extra-Planetary Consortium of Humanity, simply known as EPCON-H or EPCON, is an organization established by the United Nations on the 23rd of May, 2177, which serves its predecessor's function to unite nations, however on an interstellar scale. In the wake of interstellar travel and the dawn of the space age, the UN decided that a new, larger governing body was necessary - thus, EPCON was formed, not only to unite nations throughout the stars, but to organize and govern large interstellar corporations and factions as well.


The EPCON-H alliance is considered the universal human conglomerate. Although optional, being part of the alliance provides numerous benefits such as a universal currency, access to EPCON projects, and a guarantee of safety. Every member with a capable military or stable economy are obliged to come in the aid of other members when required, and EPCON's military enforces laws agreed upon by the alliance members. Permits and regulations are issued to ensure legality and equal opportunities.


To accommodate universal trade between all allied nations and factions, a new currency has been introduced to the market called 'Credits', officially abbreviated as UEC. This currency is similar in worth to the United States Dollar due to its popularity on Earth. EPCON is one of the most economically powerful factions, gathering funds from various large-scale projects and tax.


In 1939, World War II erupted, which was fought between the Allied and Axis Powers. In 1948, the Allies defeated the Axis. Months later, the victorious nations founded the United Nations, whose main objective was to settle international conflict peacefully, in an attempt to prevent future World Wars. This later served as the predecessor of the EPCON-H.


Notable Affiliations[]

Flag of the United Nations

United Nations[]

The United Nations is the foundation and predecessor of the EPCON-H, and serves as the primary governing body of all human colonies and nations within the Solar System. However, all legal entities outside the Solar System fall under the jurisdiction of the EPCON-H, including the UN.


Neolyx's RADON Project.


Initially a registered aerospace manufacturer, Radon is now a major faction and highly influential to humanity as a whole, and is thus considered a principal item by EPCON. They were given a unique independent exploration permit which entitles them to exploration unhindered by EPCON's jurisdiction provided that they comply to several ethical regulations and conditions in the hopes that their findings will benfit all of mankind. Support can also be requested for and from Radon. Currently, Radon is EPCON's primary supplier of military hardware and general electronics.