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The Daresian Imperial Army Reserve, otherwise referred to as the Daresian Home Guard, is a collective term given to the reserve units of the Imperial Army. It was established by the Ministry of Defence in 1934 in response to the spread of conflict around the globe. Throughout the span of history, the reserves has been known by numerous other names, such as the Militia and Volunteer Army, until the name Daresian Imperial Army Reserve was officially adopted in 1939.

In times of peace, the Reserves are utilized as the promotional aspects of the Daresian Army. Simply due to the fact that the active members of the IAR are primarily stationed around Daresia, citizens rarely catch a glimpse of the Imperial Army as they're mostly deployed overseas in peacekeeping efforts and aiding allied nations. However, exceptions such as national parades and holidays do feature members of the Army. In the Army's stead, the IAR mostly controls the administrative duties of civilian life such as recruitment centres and promotional campaigns compared to that of the Army.

During times of civil strife, the Reserves are employed to aid and assist authorities in an effort to maintain peace; which involves riots and terrorist attacks. Whereas in times of war, the Reserves are often deployed overseas to assume rearguard and support roles.

The Verzosa Reform - 1942[]

Active and Standy Reserves changed due to consecutive defeats, spearheaded by Manuel Verzosa of the High Council.


- Initially consisted of conscripts aged between 18-40. 

Composition : 

The Daresian Imperial Army Reserve is primarily comprised of Part-time soldiers, retirees and in some states police officers and public servicemen.  

By nature the Imperial Army Reserve are paramilitary in nature with some notable exception in some states such as (xxxx,xxxx,xxxx) where reservist are fully integrated into the military and have no significant civilian presence