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The Daresian Imperial Army serves as the central branch of the Daresian Armed Forces, and has played pivotal roles in World War II and the Anarchy of America. The army, combined with the Imperial Army Reserves, tantamounts as the largest branch of the military. 


Regional Commands[]

To be separated into regional commands groups that oversee and conduct operations around their respective vicinities.

  • Northern Regional Command (Northern Islands and personnel stationed in Merue)
  • Eastern Regional Command (Martincheste)
  • Western Regional Command (Tokushi Archipelago and Kaicho)
  • Southern Regional Command (Merchet)

Unit Composition[]

Main structure of Army units during WWII.

Structure: Approx. Capacity: Commanded by: Consists of:
  • Squad
12 Sergeant N/A
  • Platoon
30 First Lieutenant 3 Squads/Sections
  • Company
120 Captain 4 Platoons
  • Battalion
480 Major 4 Companies
  • Regiment
1,500 Lieutenant Colonel 3 Battalions
  • Division
10,000 General TBA

Branches of the Army[]


Daresian Foreign Legion

Armoured Vehicles[]

Air Vehicles[]