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The Daresian Civil War, which stemmed from the Mortcombe Movement, was a violent nationwide strife that took place between December 15, 1941 and ???? ??, 1942, mostly within the region of Merchet. The Imperial Government, loyal to the history and tradition of House Kazusa, fought against a coalition of state movements and military factions harbouring resent against the Japanese, which aimed to segregate the Daresian citizens of Japanese descent and strip the administrative power from House Kazusa. The group is widely known for their attacks on Japanese-Daresians in events collectively referred to as the Mortcombe Movements.


The Mortcombe Movements[]

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Following the quick defeat of forces in Western Daresia, under the autonomous jurisdiction of Houses Kazusa and Chauffard, numerous movements and Japano-phobes blamed the inadequate military forces and leadership of House Kazusa, and many firmly believed that the House aided the Japanese invasion of Daresia. This led to the rise of a particularly radical movement, under the sole leadership of Laurence W. Mortcombe, in which many Mortcombe loyalists discriminated against citizens of Japanese heritage through frequent executions and raids. These movements were essentially vigilante groups formed against local Japanese-Daresians following consecutive military defeats throughout the opening stages the war in the Daresia.

The Tragedy of Daresia's Military​​​​[]

Main Article: The Tragedy of Daresia's Military

On December 11, 1941, The Weekly Post's newspaper on the day had spread spread across the nation headlining"The Tragedy of Daresia's Military", blaming the government and military for such losses. Further details resulted in the quick expansion of resentment against the Japanese, in which numerous articles blamed House Kazusa for their inability to maintain the line using their provincial military forces. Furthermore, hatred against the military spread as rumours spread, stating that the defenders suffered heavy losses due to friendly artillery.

Attack on Kazusa Headquarters[]

On January 14, 1941, numerous groups under the collective Mortcombe Movement marched and stormed the headquarters of House Kazusa. 

Concepts (Outdated)[]

A period of instability and terror, accompanied with the establishment of numerous factional movements such as Pro-democratic movements, Charlemagne loyalists, etc.

Pro-Democratic Movements

Charlemagne Loyalists

Mini Timeline Stages:

Early 1941:

  • Starts in attempted Coup d'etat of House Kazusa? Followed by public subjugation by the Imperial Royal Guard of all the Major Houses?

Late 1942:

  • Ends in House Kazusa, along with other Houses, reclaiming the region of Bennezusa and pushing back the Empire of Japan in 1946.