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"For those interested in making medieval fiction that could shape history, relatively close to reality, here you go."
― Kaz

Note: Although it is named "Daresia: Dominion", instead of "Avalon: Dominion", changes will be made once adequate effort has been brainstormed.


Daresia: Dominion is the term that centralizes the timeline of the world between 0-1700, in which the events created primarily revolve around Daresia. During those times, Daresia was split into numerous territories between descendants of the ethnicities predominantly being the English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, resulting in constant conflict between the conflicting ethnic background.

History Concept[]

Prior to the establishment of an Empire in 1675, the Daresian continent was not a single nation, but was instead split into many different territorial groups; notably being the Kingdom of Charlemagne, Principality of Strassagne, the French, Spanish and Japanese; prior to the 'grand unification'.

Settlers from Japan and China were the earliest people that were not native to the contient to reside in Daresia. European colonization and visits to Daresia from various nations also lead to permanent settlement.---

Unknown Header[]

  • Battle of Crystal Fields

Conquest over Western Daresia (Concept)[]

  • Battle of Katsudaira


  • The concept behind Dominion was influenced by the upcoming game For Honor during a discussion between BumperJumper and Darrensier.
  • Parts of Gevanson's Project G was added into Dominion on the 9th of January.