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The Daresian Royal Navy's Vitale Naval Base, officially named Citadel Vitale, is the initial officer training establishment and main base of the Daresian Royal Navy, which is located at the west coastline of Vitale, Daresia. 


Citadel Vitale is the key center of border protection on the western Daresian border, which was already known to be one of, if not the most important headquarters of the Daresian Navy. Primarily a fortification for the Navy, it also serves as an operating base for the Air Force and Army.




  • The Royal Naval Academy
  • The Royal Naval Officer Candidate Academy
  • The Royal Air Force Academy
  • The Royal Air Force Officer Candidate Academy

Air Force:[]

  • 101st Airborne


  • 1st Thunder Squadron
  • 1st Lightning Squadron
  • 1st Rain Squadron
  • 1st Hail Squadron
  • 1st Typhoon Squadron
  • 2nd Hurricane Squadron
  • 2nd Cyclone Squadron
  • 2nd Tornado Squadron
  • Plague Squad (Imperial Homeland Security)
  • Falter Squad (Imperial Homeland Security)


  • 2nd Royal Fleet
  • 3rd Royal Fleet
  • 5th Royal Fleet
  • 7th Royal Fleet