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The Caron-Mazzei M.32 is a 7.7mm machine gun designed and utilized by the Empire of Daresia. Although originally designed as an aircraft machine gun, it was also serviced as a medium machine gun employed by the infantry as well.

Development and Use[]

The CM M.32 was designed by Marcel Caron and Franco Mazzei in 1931 to replace the aging Vickers E machine guns with a brand new air-cooled machine gun, which proved to be popular with the Daresian Army due to its robust design and higher fire rate compared to the Vickers MG; to which many Army planes were modified to utilize the new machine gun.

Despite the positive reception, the machine gun was only produced in limited numbers until the creation of the Daresian Royal Air Force, in which it was mass produced for the new Frace Fighters.

Following the Invasion of Daresia, many CM M.32 machine guns were re-purposed for infantry use. Modifications included the addition of a pistol grip, adjustable sights and a new barrel shroud design. These machine guns were designated the CM IM.41.