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Gallia Grande
The Gallia Grande, prior to the Pacific Purge.
Aerial Battlecriser: Caerleon-class
Classification Caerleon-class Battlecruiser
Affiliation Empire of Daresia
Manufacturer Evachi Heavy Industries
Planned 6
Built 6
In service 6
Cancelled 0

The Caerleon-class Aerial Battlecruiser is a line of airborne battlecruisers, which generally operate as flagships for numerous fleets under the Empire of Daresia's Navy and Air Force, as they're considered to be the largest and most powerful aerial combatant warships in operation.

Original plans called for the construction of 4 ships, however due to the rising tension in the around the Pacific, 2 more ships were constructed. Within the Empire, the development of this class was referred to as The Aurelian Project, due to the required resources and production costs of class' development.


- Named after the Caerleon village, from the Arthurian legends.