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Avalon: Development Stage 2 (maybe called Deliverance) is planned to be set in between the 21st and 23rd Century, ranging from events such as the fall of America, to the point where the United Nations forms the Extra Planetary Consortium of Humanity.

Main Daresia Synopsis Concept (2000-2100)[]

Main Article: Daresia: Deliverance (Concept)

The Empire of Daresia is at war with the American Republic following the dissolution of the United States during the Anarchy of America.

Set in 2034, Schai Kekovich is an Imperial Guard who is deployed in the Republic of America.----

Main EPCON Synopsis Concept (2100-2300)[]

Earth has been stained with bloodshed after the fall of America and several other global superpowers. With the surviving nations finally reaching for the stars, they eventually settled colonies on other planets. However, despite the attempts in preventing interplanetary war, conflict erupts between EPCON-H and insurrectionists following social segregation between the colonies.

Avalon: Deliverance is set in the 2120 where the the first Inteplanetary War erupts, throwing humanity into the flames of conflict once again.

Events within Development Stage 2[]

Anarchy of America (?)[]

Placeholder Article: The Collapse of America

Placeholder name for concept, refer to Knights of Alaska.

Two-Faced War[]

A war that takes place in [YEAR HERE'] between the Empire of Daresia and [FACTION NAME].

Operations within Development Stage 2[]

Operations to be moved into their respective Events, once they have been developed.

Subjugation of Stragglers[]

Main Article: TBA.

Following the sudden attack on the 3rd Royal Pacific Fleet, Squadron 3 of the 31st Task Force are sent to hunt, and destroy the affiliated American loyalist aircraft.

Operation: Arrowhead[]

Main Article: Birds in the Stratosphere

A routine high altitude patrol at the border of Daresian airspace turns into a ruthless dogfight, 60,000 feet in the air.

Operation: Stardust[]

Main Article: The Hell Dive

An orbital dive operation that takes place in the city of Danes City under EPCON-H territory.

Battle of Wellington City / Operation: Silent Lambs[]

Main Article: The Shadows that Walk in the Rain

A special forces operation several hours after the cities of New Cassandra and Wellington were attacked and held by the Wildfires, where a stealth assault team was assigned to capture a Wildfire commander who was stationed in the city.