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The Anarchy of America is a major event that takes place before Daresia: Deliverance occurs.


The withdrawl of the American forces from the entirety of the middle east provides terrorist groups the opportunity to spread much further into the Western world. With Europe under constant threat from such groups, and the United States suffering from continuous shootings and subsequent civil unrest, President Machenzie Paris initiates martial law and is subsequently blamed for the consequences of her decisons. Following the worsening living conditions and the excessive police repression worsening the overall situation, the growing totalitarian and draconian measures,followed by the economic downturn of the "2nd Wall Street Crash" the President's Anti-Reform Government Party (ARGP) soon faced riots that would evolve into the establishment of various coup d'etat movements and organized guerrilla groups.

Numerous nations, notably the combined forces of the Empire of Daresia and Canada, are called upon by the United Nations to intervene under the articles present on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 97; in an attempt to sustain the possibility of peace and prevent the total collapse of the American Institution. With the Consortium of Reforming Government Bodies (CRGB) and numerous movements under the Unified Front endangering the divided nation and the provisional alliance, the situation worsens into a state of sheer chaos; when massacres take place between the coalitions, the American government and the public.

Thus, with the collapse of social order, the neighboring nations of America are forced to intervene between the warring factions, employing the military of the Empire, Canada and the Peacekeepers of the United Nations; as they aim to maintain the safeguard of humanitarian rights within the chaotic nation.


Stuff about economic recessions, etc.

Campaign of Anarchy (WIP)[]

The American Campaign is a series of events primarily revolving around military operations and other notable affairs that have occured in relevance to the events prior, during and after the collapse of the United States of America.

Subjugation of Stragglers

Following the sudden attack on the 3rd Royal Pacific Fleet belonging to the Empire, units of the fleet are sent to retaliate, hunt, and destroy the affiliated ARGP aircrafts and air bases within reach.


Anarchy of America

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