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Alsfriede Van Klyrehc
Biographical Information
Also Known As Echelon One
Ranks/Titles Lieutenant
Role Squad Leader
Birth TBA
Death TBA
Nationality Daresian
Ethnicity TBA/French-German
Relatives TBA
Status Unknown
Affiliations Empire of Daresia
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Hair Color TBA
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color TBA
Blood Type TBA
Features TBA

Currently under revamp, will be used in a new short story.

Alsfriede Van Klyrehc is one of the eldest sons of the noble Klyrehc bloodline, and is the leader of the 13th Lyrehican Platoon. He is known to be a very intelligent strategical thinker, and has significant quick analysis abilities. He is also known to be sincere, polite and very loyal to his fellow comrades. Often compared to 1st Lt. Valerya Yuuka in terms of quick thinking, Alsfriede and Valerya are known for their constant friendly arguments. 

Alsfriede Van Klyrehc was born with connections to House Strassagne, which ensured him as an individual of future importance. Through his relations, he was automatically enrolled into numerous prestigious academies which included mandatory courses in terms of military. Through the years of training, he gains significant amounts of experiences in terms of leadership, and eventually enlists into the Imperial Royal Guard.

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