The Empire of Daresia Wiki
GN-8/W Maelstrom
Role Multi-role Jet

Naval Fighter

Manufacturer AUH Corporation
Introduction 2052
Retired TBA
Primary Users Empire of Daresia

Republic of Germany

Variants AUH Gustav 8 Sturmwind (Original)
Plane Specifications
Model GN-8/W Maelstrom 1
Engine Jet Engine
Armaments 2x 2cm XGT-390 Gatling gun(20mm)

6x ATA-S missiles


2x ADVATA-L missiles

Pilot Capacity One
Max Speed 3,530km/h
Features VTOL version of the G-8 Sturmwind

Variable-sweep wing

The AUH Gustav Naval-8/W Maelstrom, also known to as GN-8/W or just GN-8 is a single seat, multi-role jet fighter that was developed by the Alexis, Ulrich and Hans Corporation in 2052, and is mainly operated by the Empire of Daresia.  Its new features made the jet slightly heavier than its ground based counterpart and reduced its maximum speed slightly.


The original G-8 "Sturmwind", also known as the "Whirlwind", is a jet developed in 2052. It is armed with 2 20mm (2cm) XGT-390 Gatling guns, with either a loadout of 6 ATA-S Missiles or 2 ADVATA-L Missiles. The Maelstrom however, can go up to speeds of around  3,530km/h