The Empire of Daresia Wiki
AUH G-8 Sturmwind
Role Multi-role Jet


Manufacturer AUH Corporation
Introduction 2052
Retired TBA
Primary Users Empire of Daresia

Republic of Germany

Variants AUH Gustav Naval-8/W Maelstrom (Naval Version)
Plane Specifications
Model G-8 Sturmwind 1
Engine Jet Engine
Armaments 2x 2cm XGT-390 Gatling guns

6x ATA-S missiles


2x ADVATA-L missiles

Pilot Capacity One
Max Speed 3,675km/h
Features Variable-sweep wing

The AUH Gustav 8 Sturmwind, also known to as G-8 and Whirlwind by other nations, is a single seat, multi-role jet fighter that was developed by the Alexis, Ulrich and Hans Corporation in 2052, and is mainly operated by the Empire of Daresia.


The G-8 "Sturmwind", also known as the "Whirlwind", is a jet developed in 2052. It is armed with 2 20mm (2cm) XGT-390 Gatling guns, with either a loadout of 6 ATA-S Missiles or 2 ADVATA-L Missiles. It can only fit one pilot, and goes up to speeds of around 3,675 km/h.