Alexis, Ulrich and Hans Corporation
Founder(s) Alexis Bayer

Ulrich Freudenberger
Hans Achterberg

Leader(s) Günter Bayer

Slyvia Freudenberger

Headquarters Munich, Germany
Locations Republic of Germany

Empire of Daresia

Historical Information
Formed from N/A
Founding 2042
Dissolution N/A
Successor N/A
Empire of Daresia
Notable Members
Gustav Ottomar
Other Information
The Alexis, Ulrich and Hans Corporation, is a company that produces firearms and both ground and aerial vehicles, since it's foundation in 2042.


Founded by Alexis Bayer , Ulrich Freudenberger and Hans Achterberg in 2042, the AUH Corp. mainly focuses on the production of Firearms, Ground and Aerial vehicles. Because the corporation is divided into three different categories of development, Alexis is in-charge of weaponry, Ulrich is the head of aerial vehicles, and Hans is the head of ground vehicles. - [Dependent on Gevanson]


Small Arms

Anti Tank Weaponry

Commercial Airplanes

  •  ?????

Power Armour

Advanced Heavy Vanguard Armour Series:

Military Tactical Combat Units (May not be canon)

Military Airplanes

Transport V???? F???? Series:

Gustav Series:

Military Helicopters

Sturm Hubschrauber Series:

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